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The Platform The Platform is one of the top rated place listed as Landmark in El-Basâtîn , Place To Eat/Drink in El-Basâtîn ,

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Located directly on the Nile (500 meters after you pass by HSBC building on the right hand side, directly on the Nile) as you enter Maadi, makes The Platform – Corniche El Maadi easily accessible from mostly everywhere in Cairo, including the Nile (Through Nile Taxi Service).

A hub for some of Cairo's finest restaurants and cafés with a promenade where you can actually enjoy a beautiful walk on the Nile, while enjoying the sleek magnificent design of the place in

Everyday at The Platform Corniche El Maadi you make LIFE happen!

Whether relaxing, socializing, or looking for an unforgettable dinning experience, The Platform brings you the setup to make the most out of LIFE!

Cairo’s finest restaurants and cafes, in addition to scheduled live entertainment and special events on weekends; makes The Platform- Corniche El Maadi the number one attraction for the young and hip crowd looking for vibrant night spots and want to get the most from their social lives.

What makes The Platform- Corniche El Maadi a perfect Family destination…is the family friendly atmosphere and the huge playground setup with workshops and activities for Kids of all ages to keep them busy While you’re enjoying your gathering!

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